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24.08.05 | Oops

It seems my server move although for the best has broken my database. Its not a big loss as there wasn't anything in it really so this post is to make sure that the machines patch stays available here. The link is below

[url=]Machines XP Patch[/url]

28.05.04 | Some new stuff

Heres some new theming this theme is my nature theme, I'm intending to do a retro skin which is the old design reloaded. I also intend on doing a TooL skin

28.05.04 | Where have I been?

Well no where really, i've been a little lazy. I decided to pull my site down after my web hosts got heavily DOS'd and then some hacker deleted the databases in the database server. This prompted me to check my code and wait until I had everything finished to the point where I am happy to allow the world to see it.

My CMS which is basic in its functionality is about 90% completed the remaining 10% is a few tweaks here and there and the final few cute features to implement. I have no need for all of those silly features offered by other systems, so I decided to write my own its simple but but has all of the features I need to make news posts upload images and create tutorials. My tutorial system will be released shortly.

I personally like my new design even though its very green. I have some other themes on the way, as my site is now XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2 compilant